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If you are unsure or concerned about the presence of asbestos material in your property, we can advise whether a one-off asbestos sampling test is the answer or whether you need to allow for an asbestos survey.

The harmful impact of asbestos is dependent on several factors. If the material carrying the asbestos (i.e. cement, insulation, coating or tiles) is left untouched and unharmed, the asbestos does not affect the health of you or your family / employees. But when the material is disturbed by drilling, sawing or degradation, then asbestos fibres are released into the air and this is when it becomes dangerous.

ACS will provide you with an efficient and cost effective service that you can rely on. We have collaborated on many  commercial and domestic asbestos projects and we would be delighted to support you in any way we can with your asbestos identification, sampling and asbestos testing needs.


The key to the safe management of asbestos in your commercial or domestic property is the precise identification, condition and type of asbestos containing material. This is achieved through a comprehensive asbestos sampling and testing, which is conducted in accordance with the Health and Safety Executive guidelines L143 and HSG264.



We use only UKAS accredited asbestos testing laboratories.



* Timeframes for survey report production are dependant upon size and scope of survey and will be provided as part of our quotation process.

Before commissioning an asbestos management, refurbishment or demolition survey, a sample of the suspect material can be sent to UKAS accredited asbestos testing labs for investigative asbestos identification. Once the sample test results have been completed we will then quickly advise you whether asbestos is present, or not, and can arrange a full asbestos survey if necessary.

In the case of domestic clients, asbestos sampling can be all that is required, so if you are just looking to find out if one particular element within your property contains asbestos then our asbestos sampling service may be more than acceptable.

At Asbestos Compliance Solutions we only use UKAS accredited asbestos testing laboratories enabling us to offer you an accurate, cost-effective asbestos sampling service and most importantly, a fast turnaround of the samples requiring detailed asbestos analysis  and identification. We provide specialist asbestos sampling and testing to businesses, organisations and individuals across the Midlands, Yorkshire and North West of England and further afield.

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