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To effectively manage your building’s asbestos risk it is imperative that as a duty holder you are aware of the location and condition of any asbestos containing materials (ACM’s) within your buildings. This will significantly reduce the risk of accidental, uncontrolled disturbance of ACM’s and the subsequent exposure of the buildings occupants to airborne asbestos fibres.

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Asbestos Compliance Solutions undertake asbestos surveys  in accordance with the HSE document HSG264 surveyors guide.


Our services cater for domestic and commercial clients throughout the UK and can be tailored to your specific needs, whether you are a duty holder responsible for a large property portfolio, or an individual property owner with specific concerns. Our domestic and commercial surveying services include:

Asbestos Management Mansfield

Management Surveys

A Management Survey will identify and assess the risks from Asbestos associated with normal occupancy of a building whilst also considering routine maintenance activities.

Asbestos Demolition Survey Nottingham

Refurbishment / Demolition Surveys

These types of survey aim identify all Asbestos materials as far as reasonably practicable within the fabric of a building prior to any such works taking place.

Asbestos Survey Derby

Re-inspections and Site Revisits

This is a risk-rated, periodic, relevant re-inspection to ensure known Asbestos Containing Materials are kept in good condition and do not pose a risk to individuals in occupancy. Depending on the quality of the current asbestos register, ACS can provide a location based data upgrade, viewable via an online asbestos register, should this be required.

Our surveying services also include bulk sampling and laboratory testing as and when required.


Asbestos Compliance Solutions quality assured survey reports are available to view in standard PDF format, including corresponding floor plans and bulk sampling certificates where applicable, along with the provision of an online asbestos register to view this information in a clear and easy-to-navigate format, examples of which can be seen in the screenshots provided below.

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