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Welcome to the FAQ's Page. Below are a number of asbestos-related questions that we often get asked:

How can ACS assist us with our asbestos management?

ACS can provide numerous options to clients regarding asbestos management. From carrying out project specific targeted surveys to undertaking full management surveys throughout the entire portfolio, ACS can tailor a program to suit your needs. We can also manage your asbestos register for you, including the development and implementation of re-inspection and remedial programmes, depending on the ACMs recorded on the register, and their associated risk. All this information can be updated and maintained on your behalf  by Asbestos Compliance Solutions.


Should you wish to discuss potential options further, please contact us using the details provided on this page.

What is the importance of an asbestos register?

As part of Regulation 4 of CAR 2012 – the Duty To Manage Asbestos In Non Domestic Premises, it is the Duty holder’s ¬†responsibility to:


  • Locate asbestos materials
  • Produce and maintain written records of the locations of sampled and presumed ACMs
  • Assess the risk of exposure
  • Provide suitable recommendations for the ongoing management of sampled and presumed ACMs
  • Prepare a plan to manage the risk and put into effect.
  • Inform anyone who is potentially at risk of exposure
  • Audit the Asbestos Management Plan on a regular basis


All the above points can be addressed by implementing an asbestos register. Duty holders often make the mistake of accepting a series of standalone asbestos reports as suitable means of managing asbestos within their premises. Similarly, an asbestos register is only an effective management tool if it is kept up to date and the records are accurate.


ACS provide access to market-leading online asbestos management software that provide an easily accessible, user friendly asbestos register for the duty holders’ entire property portfolio. Our years of expertise in this field means we can either assist the dutyholder with the management of their asbestos register, or maintain the system on their behalf. As above, please feel free contact us using the details below to discuss further.

What are the advantages of an online asbestos register?

The key purpose of any asbestos register is to ensure that anyone who is at the risk of exposure has access to accurate, up to date information so they are aware of any potential risks prior to accessing a given location. Holding this information online allows users to view the data in real time, rather than relying on a hard copy report, which may be out of date and missing key details.


Online asbestos registers can also be accessed from most devices (desktop PCs, laptops, tablets and mobile phones)that have an internet connection, allowing users the flexibility to check the asbestos register prior to attending site.


Online asbestos registers also allow the setting up of hierarchical levels of user access, whereby Estate Managers may have full access to multiple properties and their associated asbestos registers, whist a contractor undertaking small works in one building may only have access to that one location for a limited period of time.


Another key feature of an online asbestos register is that user access logs can be tracked to ensure that users are viewing the information that they have been given access to.

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